I'm not incredibly optimistic. The repeated injuries at such a young age makes me think maybe her body just isn't cut out for the level of pounding that is put on it at professional level tennis.

She can do a lot with the ball, but does also rely on her "scrappiness" and movement during matches I wonder if there is a way to change her game to make it less taxing on her body.

The last interview from two weeks ago, her coach said she is 100% healthy as of now which is a good sign. But other than that sounded very very cautious which also gives me pause. https://www.tennis365.com/tennis-news/bianca-andreescu-extremely-motivated-comeback/

A shame because she's a great talent. However, she is mentally very tough so that will carry her far even if her game isn't quite up to snuff like later career Serena.

What do yall think ? Predictions for her immediate return? At the Aussie? Were does she fit in the new(ish) tennis landscape? Long term career?

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