Roger Federer has achieved countless successes during his long career, so much so that he became the most loved tennis player by fans and one of the most popular athletes in the world. When he was very young, however, the Swiss had to deal with some character gaps that risked making his unquestionable talent vain. Peter Carter's teachings and constant support from his parents were instrumental in enabling Federer to channel his career in the right direction. During the presentation of his new line of shoes called 'The Roger', the former World number 1 expressed his gratitude to his parents for helping him on the growth path. The 20-time Grand Slam champion, who has worked twice on his knee, will return to the pitch early next season.

Federer: 'My family has been wonderful'

"You want to change all the matches that you lost. And then may be think you can do them again. Replay those (matches). Or in life, mistakes you have made, you can take them back. But I think, it is all part of what shapes you. I regret some decisions. But at the same time. you can't always go back in time and make it good again. What made me the person I am today. I am the kind of guy who needed to take a couple of steps forward, get smashed and then come back again, take it in the chin again. Kept on moving forward" – Roger Federer explained. "I am an honest person. I live with passion. So naturally, I am going to get in trouble. You got to be wrong sometimes. And you have got to admit when you are wrong. And I really have no problems in admitting that I am wrong. A lot has happened in my life and the decisions I have taken. For the most part, they have been good ones. And I have also surrounded myself with the right people. That has been one of the good decisions I have been able to take, choosing my friends, my team. My family has been wonderful in educating me the right way. For me, I cannot complain and my decisions have been the way they are" – he added. Federer then spoke about his most memorable birthday: "Maybe, the most special of them in my athlete life has been carrying the flag for Switzerland in Beijing in 2008. On the 8th of 8 at 8:08, I was there with the flag at the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing. That was honestly a great great honour for me. That was cool. Other good ones I know is that my wife is planning a big 40th. I am a bit scared for that already (laughs)."

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