[OC] Plotting the Big 3's win % v.s. the field (non big-3) from their peak years to now

Thought it would be interesting to see how the big 3 fared against the rest of the field, both in their primes and afterwards.

I've defined Federer's peak as beginning in '04, Nadal's peak as beginning in '08, and Djokovic's peak as beginning in '11 (which happen to be their first multi-slam years). I also only included years where enough matches were played for meaningful data.


In blue, I superimposed ELO from here https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/ragyaj/average_elo_ratings_of_top_10_players_in_the_big/ at the bottom of the chart (on a different scale obviously), to give a sense of the evolution of ATP tour strength, although ELO is a super controversial metric which is disproportionally weighted towards recent years.

Here is the data numerically:


I've added asterisks where these years are hard to compare to others, because injury, intentionally skipping surfaces OR being disqualified has meant they've missed important tournaments or suffered poor form.

A few interesting things:

  1. Lots of amazing seasons here, particularly Federer's 05 and 06, Nadal's 2013 and Djokovic's 2015
  2. Federer's 2011 and 2012 levels are evidently underrated
  3. Considering all 3 guys had some really nasty slumps, to have >75% every single year is amazing
  4. Nadal's 2005 isn't on here, but it was also amazing (89.6%)

Thoughts? I'm sure there are many ways this analysis could be improved. Apologies for any mistakes as well!

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