Absurd what happened in Russia, at the ATP in St. Petersburg during the first round match between the Belarusian tennis player Ilya Ivashka and Adrien Mannarino. Ivashka asks and gets permission to run to the toilet during a medical time out: Ivashka, however, stays in the locker room for a few minutes too long and for the chair judge there are the details for the penalty game.

"It was an emergency, did you prefer me to go to f ** k and in the middle of the court? I can do it if you want ”exclaims a furious Ivashka but the judge is adamant.

The dialogue between the tennis player and the referee goes on for a few minutes, before the eyes of an impassive Adrian Mannarino. In the end, however, despite the penalty game, the Belarusian tennis player number 141 in the ATP ranking got the better of the Frenchman, overcoming him in two sets with a score of 6-3 7-6.

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