So apparently there is this guy called Saito Takashi who claimed himself to be a tennis pro

His channel (For those who don't know, in Japanese, プロ means pro)

However, when you Google or search his name in Tennis24, though his is ranked ~700, he is barely entering any ITF tournaments.

This let me wonder how is this even possible. To support the daily expenses of a pro tennis player, they will need to travel around the world to enter tournaments after tournaments to get prize money. But in his case apparently he doesn't need to do that. (He is also not winning many of his ITF matches)

Is there a league in Japan that is not recognized by the ITF or ATP that offer prize money or even salaries to Japanese players? Or are the sponsors of these Japanese players paying them enough that they don't need to travel around the world? In the worst case, is his 'Pro Tennis Player' title a complete hoax? (Not likely though cuz there are many Japanese pro players like him that doesn't travel around the world to enter tournaments)

I knew that there is a ranking system in Japan that maybe is not relating to the ATP ranking (where Nishikori is N1 and Nishioka is N2). Can anyone familiar with the Japanese leagues that can answer my questions?

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