Changing from a Head Radical OS - Liquid Metal

Hi Guys,

I would love to hear your recommendations regarding find a new modern racket for myself.

I'm currently playing with this old beauty:

Head Radical Over Size – Liquid Metal:

  • Length 27 inches – 69 centimeters
  • Head Size 107 square inches
  • Weight 11.2 ounces 318 grams
  • String Pattern: 18×19

I just started playing, and a friend lent me this racket to begin.. it has been around like 3 months, and I'm really enjoying tennis. Just to describe myself I'm a 220 pounds & 6' feet tall.

The thing is that I want to have my own racket, and I'm a little bit confused with so many options in the current modern rackets.

About this one in particular I feel:


  • Very control friendly
  • Enough power for myself
  • Really forgiving given the over size


  • Serving seems hard (might be because I'm just starting), but when I hit well, comes with a lot of effect
  • A little bit stiff
  • Tends to be a little bit flat on shots (even when I try to put a lot of top spin, just do alright..)

I would like to keep the power level, but I do prefer to prioritize control, I just don't feel ready for a 98 inch racket. Also, I've had some shoulders injuries in the past, so arm friendly is something to consider.

At the club I play everyone recommends the Clash 100 Pro for myself, but I don't know.. Might want to hear from someone that doesn't want to sell me the racket!

Feel free to jump with any opinion, thank you!!!

HEAD Radical OS – Liquid Metal

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