Former world No. 1 Boris Becker said the general public blames Novak Djokovic to be the bad guy in this whole Australian Open fiasco. 

"A lot went wrong," Becker told Eurosport, as quoted on Sportskeeda. "The question is: who was the bad guy? The general public thinks Novak Djokovic.

"26 players from the main field asked the tournament director and the state of Victoria for a special permit. Five of these 26 professionals received one – including Novak."

After landing in Melbourne, Djokovic was interrogated and his visa was cancelled.

Djokovic was then transported to an immigration hotel, where he spent the next few days. 

Djokovic appealed and left detention after getting his visa reinstated. 

"Novak spent five days in a quarantine hotel. Those are modest hotels, but if you are vegan, don't drink normal water and don't have a normal bed at home, that's particularly bad," Becker said.

Becker respects Djokovic's privacy

Djokovic made it clear a few months ago his vaccination status was a private matter and he would not be revealing his status.

During his immigration interview in Melbourne, Djokovic confirmed he was unvaccinated. 

"It is a personal decision to publish your medical file. Everyone has to decide for himself. It must not become a law that you tell strangers: 'I had this two years ago and three years ago that and last week that! ' It's a personal decision and a bit of privacy has to be allowed," Becker said. "It is his right and his decision."

Becker urged Djokovic to take the COVID-19 vaccine but made it clear that just because someone is unvaccinated it is not automatically making them bad people. 

"We live in a democracy and you have to allow a different opinion," Becker said. "He is against the vaccination and many millions of young people are the same opinion. They (those who don't get vaccinated) are not killers, cheaters, or bad people."

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